Storage equipment

KAR-Lehtonen has been manufacturing liquid storage equipment with more than 40 years of experience. Our products are suitable for both outdoor and indoor storage of liquid substances. We offer storage solutions tailored to different needs, equipping them with additional features to
suit even the most challenging conditions. suit even the most challenging conditions.

We offer storage equipment and its lifecycle services to industrial companies, transport companies, and processing facilities in the Nordic and Baltic region, always taking into account customer and industry-specific requirements. A worry-free maintenance contract can also be offered with the equipment, in which case we take care of the service calls and maintenance, as well as inspections and pressure tests. Our operations are certified by EN ISO 3834-2, guaranteeing an accurate process and quality control.

Versatile additional features improve usability

KAR storage equipment can be equipped with a wide range of additional features to suit different conditions. For example, the equipment can be equipped with its own power source, so that it can work flawlessly even away from infrastructure. It can be powered by electricity, liquid fuel, or even human power at the customer’s request. However, the own backup power supply, which can be equipped as an additional feature, ensures continuity of operation, even in the event of a power failure.

A storage tank can also be equipped with different temperature control systems. The heating device takes care of the correct temperature, e.g. in sub-zero temperatures, and it can also be used to maintain a high temperature up to +250 °C, which is a particularly important feature in the case of bitumen, for example. Depending on your choice, the heating function of the storage equipment can be either manual, automatic, or operated remotely.
The storage equipment can also be pressurized with liquid or air, including vacuum. In this case, remote pressure sensors and automatic pressure regulators ensure efficient and safe operation.

Sight glasses and camera equipment also increase the user-friendliness of the storage equipment. They allow users to monitor the appearance and state of the fluid and the level of the surface if they wish.

The versatile use of the storage tank is enhanced by an efficient emptying function. This function is ideal for use, where the liquid content stored changes regularly. Compressed air or liquid-powered emptying is an easy, fast, and efficient way to empty the storage equipment and its piping.

Seasonal storage is facilitated by a rinsing function to avoid corrosion, organic growth, and freezing. For example, steam, glycol, or oil can act as a rinsing agent and can be administered either manually or connected to the storage equipment tank.

Maintaining operational reliability and safe storage for a wide range of substances

When the continuity of operations requires the availability of certain substances, storage equipment is an excellent solution for maintaining operational readiness. The storage equipment can also be equipped with an additional feature that takes care of automatic refill orders below a pre-set limit. In this way, the company always has a buffer for the necessary substances, and operations do not stop when, for example, the delivery of a substance has been delayed.

Our storage equipment is suitable for a wide range of substances classified as hazardous, including oils, acids, and bases. Typical applications include the storage of bitumen in the vicinity of asphalt work or the storage of fuels, brake fluids, and windshield washer fluid in connection with the vehicle industry. Our storage tanks are also suitable for storing chlorine used in swimming pools or hand sanitizer consumed in hospitals.

Hospitals and hand sanitizer – savings with a new type of storage solution

One example of the many uses for storage equipment is the high volume of hand sanitizer in hospitals, which is typically delivered to hospitals in small plastic bottles. Kar-Lehtonen’s storage equipment allows disinfectant to be stored, for example, 1000-2000 litre storage container that is pressurized to fully automatically fill the dispensers inside the hospital via hoses.

The solution saves time as the staff avoid having to order and unload the hand sanitizer loads. The operating model also takes environmental friendliness into account, as the large amount of plastic waste produced by small bottles is avoided. When the storage equipment is still equipped with additional features (e.g. surface monitoring device and auto-refill order), it can be assured that the hand sanitizer will not run out, and there is no need for the staff to coordinate repurchases.

Did you know?

All storage equipment can be equipped for easy transfer. In this case, the equipment will be fitted with vehicle mounting parts and can be easily repositioned by means of a vehicle alone.

Here is how it goes:

  1. CONTACT US – You can reach our experts by phone or form here.
  2. INITIAL SURVEY – We will find out your needs and listen to your wishes.
  3. PLANNING AND CONSULTANCY SERVICE – The planning team will prepare a proposal for you, taking into account the specifics of your operations and up-to-date legal regulations. The experts provide planning assistance specifically for you on optimal and cost-effective solutions.
  4. PROPOSAL AND OFFER – We will make you a proposal for comment. After the final requests for change, you will receive an offer.
  5. CONTRACT MANUFACTURING – We manufacture the product you have ordered, or a comprehensive solution tailored to your wishes.
  6. DELIVERY – We will give or deliver ready-made solutions to you, reliably and on schedule. We offer in-depth implementation training for the equipment user.

KAR-Lehtonen – referenssit

Meillä on ollut KAR-Lehtosen kanssa pitkäaikainen ja hyvä yhteistyö ja ollaan oltu tyytyväisiä heidän palveluun. Me ollaan tienpäällystyksessä Suomessa merkittävä tekijä ja ajetaan päällystykseen bitumia. Heillä on meidän toiminnan onnistumiseen ratkaiseva merkitys ja ovat sen täyttäneet. Lisäksi kehitystä on heillä tehty koko ajan parempaan suuntaan.

Kokemukseni on erittäin positiivinen KAR-Lehtosen toiminnasta. Kehitimme yrityksellemme uutta toimintaa ja siihen liittyen tilasin KAR-Lehtoselta alipaine/-imusäiliön ja meillä ei ole aiempaa kokemusta kyseisenlaisesta säiliöstä. Saimme yhteistyössä toteutettua juuri meille parhaan laitteen. KAR-Lehtonen oikeasti toteuttaa sen mitä asiakas haluaa ja pystyy myös asiakkaalle uusissa jutuissa antamaan neuvoa.

Vi har haft ett mycket gott samarbete med KAR-Lehtonen i över tjugo år. De har byggt ett antal olje-/ bitumen- och gassläp åt oss. De har även färdigställt alla våra tankbilar. Vi är väldigt nöjda med deras service.